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How to Improve Your Sleep in Three Steps

sleeping among the clouds

Your sleep quality is vital for your physical and mental health. The problem is that modern humans are known to suffer from disrupted circadian rhythm. It is your body’s inner clock that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. And once it is altered, the chances are that you will experience sleeping difficulty. 

If you have that condition by the time you’re reading this, then please read through because we have the solution for you. If you don’t take this information as precautionary steps. 

1. Set Up Your Bedroom Properly

bedroom decorationYour exercise habit and your diet certainly play a role in determining your sleeping quality, but actually, so does the Interior Design of your bedroom. Modern humans are overly exposed to illumination. We have lights on vehicles, billboards, offices, buildings, and our bedroom. This condition alters our body’s perception of day and night. As a result, sleep disorders become common. Therefore, don’t make your bedroom as one of the causes. 

First, you have to check if the lamps there can be dimmed or not. Many people think that buying bedroom lamps is not worth the money, but the truth is it can actually affect your sleeping quality. You need lighting with warm nuance so that you can be comfortable. Another benefit is that dimmed light does not shock your sight when you wake up. 

Second, pay attention to the paint on the wall. Painting the bedroom white can amplify the light intensity. Blue, orange, and green are the top three colors that can help to induce sleep. 

2. Break Your Sedentary Habits

a sitting manAnother bad habit of modern humans is their sedentary lifestyle. Now, let’s count how many hours you spend on sitting. At the office, you probably need to be on your seat for 6 to 7 hours. At home, since you are tired from your work, you spend another 3 or 4 hours on the couch for TVs. When you’re on a vehicle, you sit again. You may not be aware of it, but more than 60% of your waking time is sedentary. 

Therefore, try to be more physically active as much as you can. And it doesn’t mean that you must change your physical routines drastically. For example, you can start improving your life by preferring to take a walk to the office instead of riding on a taxi. 

3. Change Your Diet for Better

a syringe and a spoon of sugarIf your body is not fit, it can’t rejuvenate itself even with sleep. And your body is primarily affected by the foods you feed it with. Today, we have sugar in everything we consume, while it is more addictive than cocaine and way more harmful than fat. Overconsumption of sugar leads to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2, and cancers. Therefore, cut your sugar consumption. It is on your doughnuts, juices, sweets, cakes, cookies, and snacks. Substitute them with fruits or salads, instead.