White blood cells are disease fighting agents made in the bone marrow which help you immune system fight various infections. Healthy bodies have white blood cells in abundance that travel to the organs that get an infection. Should your count drop below 4500, then it is a cause for concern, and you should seek medication.

How to increase your white blood cells count


This is a Chinese herb from membranous plant astragalus. It has white blood cells increasing properties. It also boosts immunity of some cancer patients by enhancing phagocytosis of white blood cells in your body. You can take astragalus in capsule or tablet supplement according to your doctor’s prescription.


This is another immune boosting herb from North America. Echinacea stimulates white blood cells activity to fight disease phagocytosis process. Consuming echinacea tablets increases the number of white blood cells in your body as well as stimulate leukocyte activity.


Deficiency of copper nutrient in your body leads to a disorder called leukopenia. Eating copper rich foods like flax seeds, pistachios, lobster, crab, oyster and dried fruits. Another option for copper is using copper supplements.

Yoga cobra poses

Cobra type of yoga activates thymus gland in the breastbone which produces T cells useful in fighting diseases. It also improves blood circulation increasing your body’s white blood cells production. Lie on the stomach with legs stretched, hands underneath your shoulders, palms down and fold your elbows upward. Press your thighs and your feet tops to the ground. Inhale and raise your body slowly and bring the blades of your shoulder close together. Maintain the position and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise ten times.

Regulated exercise

Exercise boosts immunity significantly, increase circulation of blood and white blood cells count. Be careful to avoid overexerting yourself during exercises since it is counterproductive reducing white blood cells amount in your body.


Vitamins B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid responsible for the production of white blood cells in your body. Foods such as asdfghjkhgfdafsghjgfdsghjgfdsgokraasparagus, okra, clams, trout, sunflower seeds and turkey are rich in these nutrients. Besides eating these foods, taking supplements of these foods can also help boost your white blood cells count.

Lack of enough white blood cells in your body will weaken your immune system making you prone bacteria causing diseases and viruses. Keep a healthful diet to increase your white blood cell count. Supplements are helpful too in boosting white blood cells count and should not be ignored.